{Simalem Resort Tour Package}

Paket Tour Simalem 2 Hari 1 Malam (2D1N Simalem Tour)

Pilihan 1 (Option 1)

  • Hari 01 (Day 01)  : Medan-Simalem Resort 
  • Hari 02 (Day 02)  : Simalem Resort-Medan 

Pilihan 2 (Option 2)

  • Hari 01 (Day 01) : Medan-Simalem Resort-Berastagi 
  • Hari 02 (Day 02) : Berastagi-Medan 

Pilihan 3 (Option 3)

  • Hari 01 (Day 01) : Medan-Parapat-Samosir 
  • Hari 02 (Day 02) : Samosir-Simalem-Medan 

Pilihan 4 (Option 4)

  • Hari 01 (Day 01) : Medan-Sipiso-piso-Berastagi 
  • Hari 02 (Day 02) : Berastagi-Simalem-Medan  

Paket Tour Simalem 3 Hari 2 Malam (3D2N Simalem Tour)

Pilihan 1 (0ption 1)

  • Hari 01 (Day 01) : Medan-Berastagi
  • Hari 02 (Day 02) : Berastagi-Simalem Resort
  • Hari 03 (Day 03) : Simalem Resort-Medan 

Pilihan 2 (Option 2) 

  • Hari 01 (Day 01) : Medan-Danau Toba-Samosir 
  • Hari 02 (Day 02) : Samosir-Simalem Resort
  • Hari 03 (Day 03) : Simalem Resort-Medan 

Pilihan 3 (Option 3) 

  • Hari 01 (Day 01) : Medan-Taman Simalem 
  • Hari 02 (Day 02) : Simalem Resort Tour 
  • Hari 03 (Day 03) : Simalem Resort-Medan 
simalem resort tour package

Medan, Ibukota daripada sumatera utara. menyimpan sejuta cerita dan keindahantersendiri yang sangat berbeda dari kota-kota lain yang ada di-indonesia.Medan didirikan oleh Guru Patimpus Sembiring Pelawi pada tahun 1590. John Anderson, orang Eropa pertama yang mengunjungi Deli pada tahun 1833 menemukan sebuah kampung yang bernama Medan. Kampung ini berpenduduk 200 orang dan seorang pemimpin bernama Tuanku Pulau Berayan sudah sejak beberapa tahun bermukim disana untuk menarik pajak dari sampan-sampan pengangkut lada yang menuruni sungai. Pada tahun 1886, Medan secara resmi memperoleh status sebagai kota, dan tahun berikutnya residen Pesisir Timur serta Sultan Deli pindah ke Medan. Tahun 1909, Medan menjadi kota yang penting di luar Jawa, terutama setelah pemerintah kolonial membuka perusahaan perkebunan secara besar-besaran. Dewan kota yang pertama terdiri dari 12 anggota orang Eropa, dua orang bumiputra, dan seorang Tionghoa.Pemandangan udara kota Medan pada tahun 1920-an

paket tour medan – medan tour package

Daerah Kesawan tahun 1920-an Di akhir abad ke-19 dan awal abad ke-20 terdapat dua gelombang migrasi besar ke Medan. Gelombang pertama berupa kedatangan orang Tionghoa dan Jawa sebagai kuli kontrak perkebunan. Tetapi setelah tahun 1880 perusahaan perkebunan berhenti mendatangkan orang Tionghoa, karena sebagian besar dari mereka lari meninggalkan kebun dan sering melakukan kerusuhan. Perusahaan kemudian sepenuhnya mendatangkan orang Jawa sebagai kuli perkebunan. Orang-orang Tionghoa bekas buruh perkebunan kemudian didorong untuk mengembangkan sektor perdagangan. Gelombang kedua ialah kedatangan orang Minangkabau, Mandailing dan Aceh. Mereka datang ke Medan bukan untuk bekerja sebagai buruh perkebunan, tetapi untuk berdagang, menjadi guru dan ulama.Sejak tahun 1950, Medan telah beberapa kali melakukan perluasan areal, dari 1.853 ha menjadi 26.510 ha pada tahun 1974. Dengan demikian dalam tempo 25 tahun setelah penyerahan kedaulatan, kota Medan telah bertambah luas hampir delapan belas kali lipat.

Medan is the fourth largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta, Surabaya, and Bandung.

With a population of about 2 million people it is the largest city outside of Java. There is no single ethnic group forming a majority; the largest ethnic groups are the Chinese, Javanese, Toba-Batak, Minangkabau, Mandailing Batak, Karo Batak, Southern Indians, and Northern Indians, and there are many more ethnic minorities.Each ethnic group contributes to thousands of tasty, mouth-watering dishes found in every corner of Medan. They offer to locals and tourists alike dozens of food streets and hawker centres to suit their appetite at any time of the day. From the sweet Javanese cuisine, to delicious Batak grilled pork, to hot Padang dishes, from savoury Chinese noodles, to spicy Indian curry, this varied cuisine is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is obvious why the locals are so into food. The city itself is quite well known for “food-tourism”, especially amongst other Indonesians.It’s interesting to contrast the old, Dutch style green areas, with parks, lawns, and huge old Dutch houses (now turned into government offices or commercial business) and the hundreds and hundreds of newer, shoddy shophouses sprawled together by the hundreds in the commercial areas along with a few modern style malls.

Medan CBD

Look out for the motor becaks! A sort of motorized rickshaw, they are a common sight throughout Medan, spewing black smoke everywhere.

Overall, Medan isn’t really a tourist destination, but it’s a convenient stepping stone to other places like the ‘weekend getaway’ Berastagi, the island of Penang, Malaysia and, of course the ever popular, beautiful crater lake Lake Toba.

Thing To  See In Medan : (Tempat-Tempat Menarik Di Medan) 

  • Mesjid Raya Medan (Great Mosque Medan)
  • Istana Maimoon Medan (Maimoon Palace Medan)
  • Kebun Binatang Medan (Medan Zoo)
  • Kawasan Kesawan Square (Kesawan Square Medan)
  • Pajak Ikan Lama Medan (Pajak Ikan Lama Market Medan)
  • Merdeka Walk Medan
  • Rahmad Gallery
  • Tjong Afie Medan
  • Vihara Gunung Timur Medan
  • Gereja Maria Velangkanni (Velangkanni Church Medan)
  • Penangkaran Buaya Asam Kumbang (Medan Crocodile Farm)
  • And So On…

Thing To Do In Medan : (Program Wisata Yang Bisa dilakukan) 

  • Entertaining Nigth Club 
  • Spa 
  • Massage 
  • Golf
  • Shopping
  • And So On

About Taman Simalem Resort

Taman is the Indonesian word for garden or park and Simalem in the ethnic Batak Karo language means pleasant, the exuberant feeling that visitors experience once they enter the resort.

Located on the north-western hills of Lake Toba, visitors are in for a perennial treat of fresh and cool mountain air, the natural unspoilt scenery and a breath-taking view of the lake. The resort can be reached in 2.5 hours drive from Medan, the provincial capital of North Sumatera.

Within an area of more than 200ha, Taman Simalem Resort offers wide-ranging activities for visitors. It is home to Indonesia’s largest Loquat farm and is also North Sumatera’s largest Passion Fruit Farm. An extremely challenging 9-hole par 34 golf course is set admist coffee and tea plantations. The resort offers a wide range of accomodation from campsites to lodges with lake views and cottages in the jungle.

paket tour taman simalem resort

Taman Simalem Resort 

is a development in-progess and the limited facilities that are currently in operation are:

  • Flower Nursery
  • Adventure Zone
  • Riverside Place
  • Bird park
  • Handicraft Centre
  • Waterfall Lodge
  • Pangambatan Cafe
  • Management Office
  • Buddhist Temple
  • Labyrinth
  • Heli-pad
  • Karo Agrotourism Farm
  • 9-hole Gorat Ni Padang Golf Course
  • Kodon Kodon Cafe
  • Toba Cafe
  • Pearl of Lake Toba Plaza
  • Fruit & Vegetables Farming
  • Tongging Mart & Cafe
  • Amphitheater
  • Camping Ground
  • Jungle Trek
  • Tongging Lodge Dormitory  
  • Tea House
  • Horse Riding
  • One Tree Hill

Soon visitors will be able to enjoy:

  • Pangambatan Zoopark
  • Karo Agrotourism Farm
  • Tongging Lodge & Convention and Spa
  • Merek Funland
  • Owners’ Guesthouse
  • 9-hole Gorat Ni Padang Golf Course

Taman Simalem Resort 

lies on an unutilised grassland named Gorat Ni Padang,

where cattles used to graze in the past.All the building materials used in this project are sourced from outside – not even a grain of sand or aggregate is taken from the river that runs throught the site.130 hectares of jungle that surrounds the site was acquired so as to protect the national forest reserve that lies next to Taman Simalem Resort.One Tree Hill Villa Resort is named such because of the sole pine tree that existed on the location – it will be preserved and the buildings will be designed around it.Simalem in Batak Karo language means cool and pleasing.

things to do in simalem resort – pearl of lake toba

Lake Toba was created as a result of the largest volcanic explosion ever known to

man that occured about 75.000 years ago, sending 800 km3 of ash into the air and creating a volcanic winter that decimated a huge portion of the human beings, flora and fauna at that time. Some scientists speculated that only thousands of human beings concentrated in the African and Indian sub-continent regions survived the explosion. The explosion hit the highest index of 8 on the VEI (Volcanic Explosivity Index). As a comparison of Krakatoa where two-thirds of the island was completely wiped out had a VEI index of only 6.

lake toba tour package

The Lake Toba caldera is now the largest crater lake in the world; 100 km in length, 30 km across and with depth of more than 500 metres at its deepest point. At 900 metres above sea level, it is also one of the highest lakes in the world. The island of Samosir at the center of the lake measures more than 600 km2 and is almost the size of Singapore. Samosir is also the largest island within an island and fifth largest lake island in the world.

Beberapa fasilitas yang telah tersedia di Taman Simalem Resort diantaranya:

1. Kodon Kodon Cafe (melayani menu Internasional)

2. Toba Cafe (layanan cepat saji dengan pemandangan lapangan golf)

3. Tongging Cafe (makanan ringan & aneka souvenir menarik)

4. Karo Agrotourism Center (kebun sayur dan buah dengan standar zero pesticide)

4. Agro Mart & Cafe (pusat penjualan aneka buah, bunga & sayuran)

5. Pearl of Lake Toba Plaza (pusat lokasi photo shoot dengan panorama danau toba)

6. Camping Ground (berkemah di dalam hutan alami Sibuaten yang berada di tepi aliran sungai)

7. Jungle Trekking (menjelajah alam menuju air terjun)

8. Horse Riding (berkuda mengelilingi Tongging Point)

9. Riverside Place (pondok tepi sungai yang tepat untuk berpiknik bersama keluarga)

10. Flower Nursery (tempat pembibitan bunga – beraneka ragam bunga dijual disini)




• Picking up from airport or hotel

• Welcoming by enjoy holiday medan

• Proceed to parapat via tebing tinggi – pematang siantar

• Lunch at local resto 

• passing by landscape with vast view of palm oil & rubber plantation

• Visiting “paten shop,dewi kwam im temple”

• Proceed to parapat 

• Check in hotel 

• Enjoy lake toba!

• Dinner at local resto or hotel

• Accomodation hotel : danau toba international cottage *** parapat – superior lake view room 


• Breakfast at hotel

• Drive to ferry harbour or charter boat

• Cruising to samosir island (pulau samosir)

• Enjoy lake toba! – 45  minutes cruising – arrived in samosir 

• Samosir tour visiting “sigale-gale statue with its legend,tomb of king sidabutar,tomok”

• Next visiting “stone chairs & table – ambarita – siallagan village”

• Enjoying how bataknese daily lives & how they make “ulos” – Shopping tour!

• Lunch at local resto while enjoying view lake toba!

• Cruising back to tigaras or parapat – the proceed to simalem resort – pearl of lake toba!

• Arrived in simalem resort – check in hotel

• Free program – enjoy pearl of lake toba! – #MANY THINGS TO DO IN SIMALEM & FREE#

• Don’t miss it! Hunting sunrise at one tree hill – simalem resort. Set your alarm!

• Dinner at simalem resort – pearl of lake toba!

• Accomodation hotel : tongging point hotel simalem resort – superior lake view room


• Breakfast at hotel 

• Enjoy pearl of lake toba! Then drive back to medan via berastagi

• Medan city tour visiting “maimoon palace (istana maimoon) ,great mosque (mesjid raya)”

• Medan shopping tour visiting “fashion outlet,pajak ikan lama,center point,medan mall,sun plaza,etc”

• Hunting “bika ambon,bolu merantie,etc”

• Lunch at local resto

• #if time permits# we’ll visit sipiso-piso waterfall,velangkanni church,crocodile breeding,etc”

• Drive back to the airport – tour ends!

• Have a safe fligth our dearest guests! God bless you all..

• Horas & mauliate – recommend enjoy holiday medan to your partners/friends/family/and many more

 10 PAX